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For use with other keratin services

Last updated by John Hubbard on February 15, 2016 17:21

  1. Cleanse twice with prescribed clarifying shampoo, following manufacturers guidelines. Rinse and gently squeeze the moisture out.
  2. Dilute ReBond with warm water in an applicator bottle in a ratio of 1 part ReBond to 9 parts water:
    Short Hair – 5 ml ReBond to 45 ml water.
    Medium Hair - 10 ml ReBond to 90 ml water.
    Long Hair – 15 ml ReBond to 135 ml water.
  3. Apply diluted ReBond throughout the hair (at the basin), saturating thoroughly. Leave on for 10 minutes, before rinsing.
  4. Continue the Keratin Service (following manufacturers guidelines).