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Who uses INNOluxe?

Last updated by John Hubbard on March 18, 2018 22:28

 Sophia Hilton, founder of London’s Not Another Salon is INNOluxe’s Ambassador. Sophia and her team are known globally for their bold, creative colours as well as impeccable balayage.

“I guess I would say the reasons why I would choose INNOluxe V2 is the fact you’ve got a really beautiful, luxurious product the client can smell and feel; you’ve got the whole salon experience vibe. But more than that, it’s a product that’s working inside and out, so something that’s actually going to work, it’s actually going to rebuild the hair,it’s going to look after it but most importantly the clients going to feel it. The clients going to know and that’s why they’ll pay for it again and again.”